Rawstream 2.0 – web filtering for the cloud era

Rawstream 2.0 – web filtering for the cloud era

We are excited to announce a major new release of Rawstream!

Our goal for Rawstream has always been to deliver great tools to help business owners boost the productivity of their teams and employees in the evolving workplace. And with Rawstream 2.0 we have a delivered a solution that is the easiest to deploy and manage – in a wide range of environments.

Rawstream is not just cloud-based; we integrate seamlessly with organisations who have taken their IT into the cloud.

Key highlights

  • Per User policies allow organisations to tailor policies for individual users
  • Flexible deployment our hybrid deployment option allows organisations to support BYOD policies and campus environments – without adding to the admin workload
  • Security everywhere - protect laptops wherever they are; on the corporate lan or on the road
  • Ecosystem agnostic - Rawstream works in any computing environment – whether your IT is based on Windows, Google Apps, Zoho, PCs or Macs, we support you.
  • SMB friendly - whether you are a small team of five people all on laptops, or a 100 employee company running Active Directory, we don’t make assumptions about how you work. Rawstream just works.
  • We love administrators - the new functionality is a breeze to setup. No need to sync Active Directory / LDAP. Indeed, no need for AD at all! Our agent is super smart and picks up the information automatically. This means less setup and maintenance headaches for admins.

We are always open to feedback so please contact us at hello@rawstream.com.

If you are an existing customer you have been automatically upgraded to the latest version. All your existing policies and reports continue as before.

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