Coronavirus Related Phishing Attacks

Coronavirus Related Phishing Attacks

With corona virus dominating the news it was only a matter of time before phishing attacks would appear to take advantage of people searching for information.

We have seen a steep rise in new domains registered with the words corona, coronavirus or covid, with over 1,400 such new domains in the past few hours. A few of the domains are already active and hosting phishing attacks. The vast majority are parked at the time of posting but will almost certainly become active in the coming days.

Update (2020-03-17) Over 5,600 new corona-related domains in the past few days.

Blocking Phishing Attacks

We are categorising these domains as Phishing or Suspicious. Most of our customers should already have a Rawstream policy in place to block Phishing sites. Now is a good time to add the Suspicious category to the default policy.

For a step-by-step guide to setting up a DNS filtering policy please refer to this guide.

Stay Safe!

Public health authorities have published guides to dealing with the virus including the NHS, the Centre for Disease Control  and the Australian Department of Health

We continue to track phishing and suspicious sites.

Stay safe and wash your hands!


image courtesy of the BBC


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